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Liquid Biopsy

Capital Biosciences offers liquid biopsies procured from cancer patients with verified markers and mutations. Control cfDNA derived from liquid biopsies is also available. Total genomic DNA was amplified using whole genome amplification method. Mutations have been validated by targeted sequencing. In this panel both normal and circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) are present in the ratios that represent cancer stage. Panels for different stages of particular cancers can be generated.

All human samples available from Capital Biosciences are legally procured under the laws and regulations of the country of acquisition, and in accordance with the USA laws related to use of human materials. All donors are protected by anonymity and Informed Consent, which clearly states scientific research purposes and possible benefits to scientific discovery and humanity. All clinical materials are obtained following official protocols, with Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval, that operates in accordance with the current Federal Regulations. Capital Biosciences, Inc. is a trusted provider of human specimen to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, academic centers and hospitals since 2006. Human specimens and relevant clinical information is delivered to our customers fully de-identified. All provided specimens are suitable for commercial research and development.

Select Product Cat.-# Unit Size Price, $ Quantity
Blood Plasma
from donor with confirmed tumor mutations
BPL 2-5 ml Request Quote
Control cfDNA
with confirmed mutations in cancer genes
CFCDNA 10 ng Request Quote
Whole Blood in Streck vials WBS 10 ml Request Quote