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SubXTM-RNA Isolation kit

Viral RNA Isolation
  • Cat.-#: VIR-0100
    Unit Size: 100 preps
    Price, $: 699.00
  • Qty:

SubXTM-RNA Isolation kit Description

RNA isolation from liquid is based on binding the RNA to a dual-functional substance SubXTM and adsorption onto a solid phase matrix under physiological conditions (e.g., directly from biological liquids). No further sample dilution or Proteinase K digestion is required. The RNA isolation procedure involves three conventional steps:

1) RNA binding: simply add 140μl of SubXTM to the 1 ml sample, vortex and rotate for 5 minutes, then add matrix slurry and rotate for 5 mniutes;

2) Washing: Three quick washing/centrifugation steps

3) Elution: RNA easily desorbed from matrix in a small volume (20-50μl) of elution buffer, which does not affect downstream applications.

Kit Content:

• SubXTM Solution (14 ml). Ready-to-use. Store refrigerated +4C.
• Condition Solution (3 ml) Ready-to-use. Store at room temperature.
• Binding Matrix (1 ml). Ready-to-use. Store at room temperature in a dark place.
• Wash-1 Solution (30 ml). Ready-to-use. Store at room temperature in a dark place.
• Wash-2 Solution (2x11 ml). Add 55 ml of 96% molecular grade ethanol before use. Store at room temperature in a dark place.
• Elution Buffer: (5 ml); Ready-to-use. Store refrigerated +4C.

Kits are shipped at ambient temperatures.